Catch-up Tuition

i g n i t i o   recognises the wisdom and importance 

of the recent Government focus, informed by leading 

research in the field, on supporting children to catch up 

on the months of schooling that they have missed 

through the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.  


The National Tutoring Programme has now announced 

that only organisations with the capacity to 

support five hundred pupils or more can 

become Tuition Partners with them.  

Nonetheless, we hope that both schools and 

individual families will consider locally-based tutors, 

who are immersed in their communities and who have 

relationships with local schools and knowledge of the 

examination boards followed by them, when 

seeking to choose tuition providers for their children.


For schools, we currently have tutors available 

to provide one-to-one or small group 

intervention support in core and foundation subjects 

across Key Stages One and Two and with SATs preparation

for pupils in Years Two and Six.  At secondary level, 

focused support is available for individuals or 

small groups studying Spanish and French from 

Year Seven up to GCSE and A-level.

We are particularly equipped to support

students who would benefit from increasing

their confidence with how the language

works in general, complementary to

the curriculum that they will follow in school, 

whether provided at school or privately at home.

For parents, catch-up support is available

from just £30 for children in Years One and Two,

with tuition at £35 per hour for pupils in

Years Three, Four, Seven, Eight, and Nine.  

Sessions for pupils studying towards national 

examinations (i.e. those in Years Five and Six, 

Ten and Eleven, and Twelve and Thirteen) and for 

those preparing for their Eleven Plus examinations 

are priced at £40 per hour, and we are delighted to

confirm that we continue to hold our 2018-19 prices

for this 2020-21 academic year.  

We are also continuing our special offer for 

A-level students of a ninety-minute tuition session

for £50, for students in Years Twelve and Thirteen only.

For home tuition, we still have a very limited 

number of vacancies for the current term for 

families wishing to capitalise on this opportunity 

to refresh and consolidate knowledge after the 

unprecedented six-month 'summer holiday' 

that resulted from the Coronavirus lockdown and 

the further impact of the January to March 

closure of schools this year.

We specialise in unravelling the mysteries 

of English grammar for all age groups; 

why not take advantage of our expertise?!

Ignitio Education is ready to provide support NOW 

and we remain open to working with schools so that, 

whatever their budget, pupils can benefit from this 

innovative and exciting national initiative.  

Please send us an enquiry for further information 

with no obligation and complete data privacy.

Can I, as a parent, access tuition for my child

funded through the National Tutoring Programme?

The N.T.P. will only fund schools to procure tutoring, 

but we are experienced home tutors and you can

engage us directly to provide tuition for your child 

in your own home (or online for as long as the

Coronavirus measures last) at prices ranging from 

£30 for a forty-minute session for Key Stage One 

pupils up to £50 for a ninety-minute session at A-level.

Do feel welcome to send us a message 

using the button below or to call either of the 

numbers shown for further information.