Exclusions Support

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When our children start school, the last thing

on a parent's mind is the possibility that

they may face exclusion.  However,

things can and do go wrong for children 

from all walks of life, and parents can 

unfortunately find themselves called to

attend a Permanent Exclusion Hearing before

members of the school's board of Governors.


Our experienced consultants can 

provide insightful guidance for families 

on each step of this daunting process, and will 

provide honest advice on the viability 

of your grounds if you are considering

appealing a permanent exclusion.  

On the basis of our consultants' extensive experience

of both chairing and presenting cases before 

exclusion hearings, we can advise families on 

the processes for Permanent Exclusion Hearings 

before a panel of Governors held in school, and 

for Exclusion Appeal Hearings at the

premises of the Local Authority.

This typically will include:


Guidance on first actions upon receiving

notification of a permanent exclusion;


Rights of excluded children in law;


Thorough briefing on the Hearing process;


Intensive scrutiny of the evidence pack;


Preparation of the Statement of Case;


Guidance on selection and submission 

of evidence where applicable;


Representation at the Hearing(s) if desired;


Guidance and advice post-exclusion and 

preparation for appealing where families so choose.



We guarantee to provide families 

with honest advice, rooted in our extensive 

experience of exclusion hearings and appeals, 

about the best approach to take in preparation 

for the Permanent Exclusion Hearing and 

whether the available evidence supports

viable basis for appeal.

We will answer any questions you may have 

about any aspect of this very difficult 

experience for your family, and 

will guide you every step of the way with 

informed, tried-and-tested advice.

Consultancy is provided at a flat rate of 

£40.00 per hour, which we believe offers

excellent value and compares extremely

favourably to the cost of legal advice.

Since every case is unique, the provision

of approximate costs is difficult but at a 

broad estimate we would advise families to

anticipate between fifteen to thirty hours of 

consultancy over up to three months

for a Permanent Exclusion Hearing which 

is subsequently pursued to an Appeal 

to the Local Authority.

For further information on any aspect of 

the exclusion process, follow the link below

or contact our Lead Consultant for Evidencing at

[email protected]