Admissions Support

 Welcome to our website.  

The need to appeal an application for a 

school place is a common one.

Winning a place

through a successful appeal is less so.   

Our experienced consultants

can guide and advise you drawing on

years of expertise in school

leadership and governance. 


We guarantee honest advice on whether 

you have viable grounds for appeal, 

and can guide you every step of the way 

if we believe that you do.  

Our consultants can advise you on the

processes for in-year admissions, 

SEND place applications, and selective school

appeals including subject-specialist

academies and grammar schools.

Our typical service to parents considering a

selective school admissions appeal will include:


Post-selection / post-examination advice;


Acquisition and analysis of the school's 

Admission Policy and any other relevant policies; 


Comprehensive briefing on the applicable 

provisions of the Department for Education

School Admissions Code and School 

Admissions Appeal Code in the light of the

particular circumstances of the pupil;


Thorough scoping of potential grounds for appeal;


Close analysis of prospective school 

specialisms and facilities, to tailor the

individual pupil's application to the 

individual school(s);


Preparation of the Statement of Case;


Guidance on selection of evidence and

negotiation of school testimonials;


Compilation of the evidence pack for submission;


Representation at the Appeal Hearing if desired;


Guidance and advice on responding to

questions from the Panel.


Consultancy is provided at a flat rate of 

£40.00 per hour, which we believe offers

excellent value and compares extremely

favourably to the cost of legal advice.

Every case is unique and so the provision

of approximate costs is difficult, but at a 

broad estimate we would advise families to

anticipate between eight to twenty hours over

up to two months for an in-year admission or 

SEND appeal, and between twenty to sixty hours of 

consultancy over up to ten months

for a selective school appeal.

For further information on any aspect of 

the admission appeal process, follow the link below

or contact our Lead Consultant for Evidencing at

[email protected]


Recent Case Studies:

Some Frequently-Asked Questions:

Can you accompany us to our Hearing?

Yes; parents are entitled to accompaniment

by a friend or relative at their hearing and 

as such your consultant can come with you 

and support you during the process, subject 

to availability, if you wish.

Are Hearings still taking place during 

the Coronavirus pandemic?

Yes; the admissions process continues despite

the pandemic although the Government has

changed the requirement for cases to be

considered in person.  The preference will vary

from local authority to local authority, with

scope for panels to conduct hearings in person,

over a video-conferencing platform such as 

Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, and also 

for panels to consider cases solely 

on the basis of evidence submitted, without

the requirement to attend in person or by video,

in order that the restrictions arising from the

pandemic do not impede the process of 

considering appeals for school places in time

for September admissions.

How much is appeal support likely to cost?

We charge a flat rate of £40 per hour for our 

services to parents, so the overall cost will 

depend on the complexity of your case.

To enable a very broad estimate, 

admissions appeals for primary, middle, and

non-selective secondary schools may involve

eight to twenty hours of work from your consultant.

Selective secondary admission appeals

are likely to involve fifteen to thirty hours' preparation,

and grammar school appeals can involve 

twenty to sixty hours' preparation because of the

extremely high attention to the detail of 

particular policies and procedures that is

demanded by the process, along with the 

critical importance of the pack of evidence to

support the appeal application. 

However, these are only "ball-park" estimates

and the level of work required will vary

significantly depending on the demands

of each individual case.  What we can guarantee

is a high degree of engagement and commitment

to the individual requirements of your case and

your family, and we believe that we offer

extremely good value for money as well 

as impressive attention to detail and 

high-value expertise.   Please read the case studies

from recent appeals and the comments provided 

by local families who have previously 

accessed our services, and contact us at any time

with no obligation if you have any queries.

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